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Cashing in on Canvas
📈 The sneaker resale market is estimated to be worth $2B a year and is expected to triple by 2025.

It’s also turned teenage sneakerheads into day traders able to earn quick profits by correctly predicting which pairs will become grails. (One shoe, the Nike SB Dunk Low Tokyo, once sold for 94x its $60 list price, according to a Trends analysis.)

💸 How to capitalize: 
  • Understand the shoes that are all hype -- like the Chinese New Crazy BYW -- and the shoes that will really resell for $2k+.
  • ​Track the “drop dates” on websites and snap them up instantly, using bots, online proxies or other software.
  • Re-sell, perhaps within hours, either through brick-and-mortar stores like Flight Club, or via online retailers.
The 6-month trading price of Nike’s Air Force 1 Low Off-White Volts, via StockX
The Beauty Tech Boom
📈 The global cosmetics industry is expected to be $873B by 2023. 

Beauty YouTube hit 168 billion views in 2018—nearly double the previous year’s—and investors pumped $303m into beauty tech startups in early 2018.

In 2018, the US was by far the top investor in beauty tech at $1.9B, with Europe a distant second ($281m). This market alone has 2 unicorn brands, 7 ‘soonicorns’ and 13 ‘minicorns,’ including Glossier, Modiface Birchbox, and IT Cosmetics. In short, it’s massive.

💸 How to capitalize: 
  • Create a platform: there’s no single place that caters to the skincare community.
  • Mine the niches: from personalized fragrances to custom curl creams to the tech that helps deliver them to consumers.
Annual beauty-related content views on YouTube (in billions)
Online Plant Sales are Set to Bloom
📈 Americans spent $48B at garden stores last year. But there isn’t a single direct-to-consumer (DTC) retailer that does $10m a year in sales.

Nearly one-third of US households bought at least one houseplant in 2018. If they spent $20 per plant, that’s more than $700m in sales.But some experts believe the market has a far bigger ceiling. The global indoor plant market is projected to grow 66% from 2018 to 2025.

💸 How to capitalize: 
  • Increasing demand suggests that there’s room for more online operators that sell different kinds of plants and shrubs than big retailers.
  • Sell custom pottery or other high-margin accessories for indoor plants, which aren’t subject to shipping complications or grower supply limitations.
Google search popularity, normalized (0-100)
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High-protein cereals are making a comeback. The average monthly search numbers for "keto cereal" total 8k and are up nearly 100% from early this year and multiples higher than summer 2017.

Node makes sustainable modular homes. The company is growing in popularity because its prefab homes are made with non-toxic materials and have energy-efficient systems. Backlinks to their website have skyrocketed this summer.
L-theanine is a compound found naturally in certain teas. It's a relaxant and supposed to help people fight anxiety and stress. Searches for L-theanine total about 65k monthly and have steadily increased over the last several years.
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